The Rocky Mountain Ponds & Waterfalls Philosophy
Rocky Mountain Ponds and Waterfalls (RMPW) is a full scope Denver landscaping company located In Parker, Colorado offering design, construction, and maintenance services tailored for both commercial and residential markets.

Our design philosophy is to transform landscapes into outdoor living spaces that reflect the balance between people and nature. Our ability to focus on both form and function is what sets us apart from other landscape design companies.

While our inspiration comes from the beauty of the Rocky Mountains, our planting materials and design elements come from there, as well. At Rocky Mountain Ponds and Waterfalls, we bring the mountains to you.

Located in Colorado since the year 2000, RMPW really got its start when our owner, Dusty Hettinger, was just a kid playing with dirt.  From sunrise to sunset Dusty was digging, pushing dirt and coming up with creative ideas.
Young Dusty & His Mom’s Pond

At the age of 16, he had his very first customer…his parents. Dusty’s Mom had him redo her pond at least 10 times until she felt it was perfect. Dusty learned two valuable lessons. The first was to do it right the first time. The second was to not work for your Mom.

Those experiences, and many others, have helped RMPW become what it is today. With the support of his brother, Daniel Hettinger, Dusty has established RMPW as the premier landscape and water feature design company in the Colorado area.

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