Pond Cleaning

The build up of pond sludge, decomposed organic matter, or unruly algae are a few reasons to perform a thorough pond cleaning.  Sludge and decomposed matter can disrupt the balance in your pond leading to algae overgrowth.  When we clean your pond or water feature, we drain the pond, rinse and power wash the rocks and liner, refill the pond, and return fish and plants back into the pond.

Our pond cleaning also includes a one time inspection of the skimmer box and its contents, rinsing the filter pad, checking the attachments, and adjusting any low spots that are found.  A pond cleaning, which is more involved than routine pond maintenance, can take any where from 2 to 8 hours or more based on the size of your water feature and should happen in spring and fall.  Contact us and you will not only get a clean water feature, but you will also get more free time on the weekend.

In our Pond Store we also offer a full line of pond cleaning and maintenance supplies including Koi fish.

RMPW Pond Maintenance - Spring Cleaning